BIOMEDIS Technologies

The efficiency of the Biomedis devices is due to the advanced technologies developed by the company.

These effective and safe technologies are the result of:

  • 10 years of scientific research by specialized doctors and scientists.
  • Multiple tests and practical applications before products are marketed.
  • Ongoing research to ensure continuous evolution and improvement of methods of use of the devices.

Biomedis makes the difference of Bioresonance! The technologies that only Biomedis has introduced have been certified by the European Union, USA. and Russia that demonstrate the safety and quality of its products.


Intellectual Development Technology


Multi Frequency Synchronization

Energy Complexes

για Σώμα, Νου & Πνεύμα


Κεραίες Εκπομπής & Σάρωσης


Functional Analysis of the Devices

Software & Firmware

Easy Programming and Upgrade


Natural Source of Synchronization


Technology Based on Thinking

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