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Η Biomedis – Επιστημονική Παραγωγική Εταιρία Περιορισμένης Ευθύνης (БИОМЕДИС ООО НПК) είναι η μεγάλη ρωσική ηγέτιδα εταιρία στον τομέα της κατασκευής συσκευών βιοσυντονισμού.
The company started in Russia, producing physiotherapy bioresonance devices. It then expanded its production of devices based on traditional Chinese medicine and recently started the production of bioresonance diagnostic devices for professionals. It has manufacturing facilities in Russia and China, which are certified according to the international quality management standard ISO 9001/2011.
Thousands of consumers and professionals in the Russian Federation and Asian countries have trusted Biomedis devices to improve their health and everyday life.
Αφού η εταιρία εδραίωσε τη θέση της στην αγορά της Ευρασιατικής Οικονομικής Ένωσης, η οποία αριθμεί 183 εκατομμύρια κατοίκους, αποφάσισε να κάνει το επόμενο βήμα και να δραστηριοποιηθεί σε Ευρώπη και Αμερική. Μέσω του εργοστασίου της στην Κίνα, παράγει συσκευές σύμφωνες με τις ευρωπαϊκές οδηγίες και κανονισμούς (σήμανση “CE”), τις οποίες εξάγει στην Ευρώπη.
At the same time, Biomedis, analyzing market prospects and discovering the dynamics of direct sales, goes to MLM and targets active people who want to increase their income with a modern business proposition.
Within a limited time, thousands of independent entrepreneurs responded to Biomedis' call and saw their health and financial condition improve.
The combination of groundbreaking devices with the neoclassical, simplified, applicable, profitable and intriguing marketing plan, makes Biomedis a great deal of distinction compared to other direct sales companies.


Biomedis is the choice of today for the success of tomorrow.
Biomedis devices have unique features that make them stand out from other companies' devices. For example, the Biomedis Android device (in Google Android operating system) is a unique innovation, as it is the only one that combines the properties of a bioresonance device with a mini tablet (Android operating system, application count, internet connection, etc.). Additionally, it is a 3 in 1 device, ie physiotherapy, antiparasitic and programming at the same time. Thus, the consumer does not need to buy three devices instead of one in order to follow a complete physiotherapy program.

The company Biomedis is leading in all areas, making the difference in its product promotion.

The company takes advantage of the Using the internet and has decided to base its entire promotion plan on it. Using the internet as the basis of its structure, and its human partners as the structure itself, the company has succeeded in creating a pay plan that motivates and brings profit to those who have an appetite to work.

“Η βασική ιδέα είναι η προώθηση των προϊόντων, από τους συνεργάτες της από στόμα σε στόμα ουσιαστικά και παράλληλα η επιβράβευση τους για αυτό.”

"BIOMEDIS products - the unique combination of scientific assistance and natural healing"

The Company was founded in 2008 with a scientific background in the University of Energy-Information Biotechnology.
10 years of scientific research, in order to create safe and effective healing technologies.
Improvement of device usage methods every year as well as product line renewal.


90% positive comments and satisfied users


Flexibility in using bioresonance technology allows the usage of a variety of devices, solving a variety of problems


No sideffects, allowing the usage of the devices on children and the elderly


Cutting edge technology in our carefully designed devices, for a more effective restoration of the body

Personal Diagnosis

The ability to create personal healing programs


Portability and light weight always allow carrying the device with you at all times