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Biomedis has expert-trained scientific staff who are constantly working to be at the forefront of bio-resonance technologies.

As a result is that Biomedis is always ahead and promotes new, innovative technologies in therapeutic devices that it creates to cover a multitude of diseases and illnesses with the most direct, effective and reliable therapeutic results.


The Theory of Bioresonace

Bio-resonance is a natural, personalized, safe and painless medical method of diagnosis and treatment through measuring and affecting the patient's natural frequencies, without side-effects and with high rates of success.



The Greek Biomedis GR team consists of a large number of physicians and collaborators from all over Greece and Cyprus who are active users of the alternative medical method of bioresonance, showing amazing results.

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1st Bioresonance World Event

The World's 1st Bioresonance Congress took place in Astros Beach, Greece, with great success. The congress lasted 7 days, from June 13th to June 20th, where over 300 people from over 30 countries were informed form expert doctors and scientists about the advantages of Bioresonance and its therapeutic capabilities.

The Bioresonance World Congress was dedicated to the 40 years anniversary of the application of Bioresonance therapies.

Specialized scientists from over 30 countries presented the advantages of bioresonance and the latest technological developments in the field.

The congress included training seminars and recreational activities, along with a presentation of the functioning of ancient Asclepeia, where therapeutic practicies using primitive forms of bioresonance and the basics of energy balance took place.

Watch the video from the conference and all the snapshots of the great Bioresonance event. Thank you all for your participation and we renew our appointment for our next global meeting.

For more info, go to biomedisworldevent.com

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