Biomedis SCANNER NEW +++ FV Ver.5


The Express Test automatically processes the data obtained by measuring the electrically conductive parameters of the biologically active points located in the hands, legs, and head and connected to organs and body organ systems. From the quantitative characteristics of these parameters and their comparison we can draw conclusions about the nature, cause and possible effects of pathological processes in the body.
The basic idea of this device is based on the measurement of the electrical parameters of the biologically active regions, which convey information about the state of organs and systems of the organism.

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Ο Νέος σαρωτής ΒιοΕνεργειακής Μέτρησης της Biomedis, “Biomedis Scanner NEW +++” έχει σχεδιαστεί για να μετρά τις ηλεκτρικές παραμέτρους των βιολογικά ενεργών ζωνών, παρέχοντας πληροφορίες σχετικά με την κατάσταση των αλληλένδετων οργάνων και συστημάτων.

The system allows the assessment of the response of the organism to any type of result (whether proposed for the application or applied) in actual, current time scale.

The basic principle for the Express Test project with the Biomedis Scanner is a measurement of the biological parameters of the biologically active zones, which gives information about the state of the interconnected organs and systems of the body.

The device is designed to correct homeostasis of the human body. This is one of the few effective methods of controlling the condition of the body and preventing the disease.

The device can be used for disease prevention, in prevention institutions, in counseling centers, cosmetology and massage rooms, at home, etc.

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Device Features

  1. Assessment of the functional status of organs and organ systems associated with biologically active sites and zones
  2. Determination of the etiology of the disease by the nosodes test,
  3. ndividual selection of medicines, medical devices, food supplements, herbs, homeopathic preparations, etc. Allergens, food, cosmetics, etc. are also being tested. without trying them on the body.
  4. Choosing the right bioresonance therapy and monitoring its results
  5. Monitoring the effectiveness of medicine used to treat and prevent diseases
  6. Modern methods allowing us to see our aura and chakra
  7. Effective monitoring and, if necessary, timely modification of treatment

Technical Features

The device is represented by a single, portable, software-controlled set installed on the computer and ensuring the connection to the device via USB Universal Serial Interface.

4.1 As regards general safety requirements, this device meets the requirements of DSTU 3135.0 (GOST 30.345,0).
4.2 The computer's USB port is used as a system power source. The computer and the monitor must comply with state requirements and health regulations and standards, sanitary regulations and standards and valid regulatory documents for definitive models.
4.3 The device is designed for arctic climate, the position category is 4.2 according to GOST 1550:
· At ambient temperature from - C to + 50 ° C 10
· Relative humidity 95% and temperature 30 ° C
· Atmospheric pressure is 630-800 mm Hg.
4.4 power consumption and V * A, not more than 2.5 W.
4.5 bandwidth of the signal is from 30 Hz to 900 kHz.
4.6 Current used ranges from 10 to 30 mA.
4.7 Average time between damages is 15,000 hours.
4.8 Average life expectancy is no less than 5 years.
4.9 The ramp time is no more than 5 seconds.
4.10 continuous usage drain the battery in no less than 5 hours
4.11 electrode material is L-63 brass according to GOST 1019.
4.12 Overall dimensions, not more than, mm: 150x80x35.
4.13 Weight without packaging is not more than 1500 UAH.

Packaging includes




1. Express Test


2. Left and right palm electrodes


3. Cable for palm electrodes


4. Main lead with cable

1 set

5. Electrodes of legs (grid and plate)


6. Cable for leg electrodes


7. Cable testing platform


8. USB cable


9. USB Flash Drive with software


10. Data sheet for the system


11. Instructions manual


12. Package


Indications - Contraindications

Ενδείξεις για τη χρήση

Automatic processing of information for the prevention of chronic diseases:
  1. Diseases of the peripheral nervous system: rhizitis, plexopathy, neuritis, polyneuritis, polyneuropathy, etc.
  2. Neurological manifestations of osteoarthritis: reflex muscular syndrome, cervical syndrome, etc.
  3. Diseases of the circulatory system: arterial hypotension and hypertension, etc.
  4. Respiratory diseases: rhinitis, tracheitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, bronchospasm, asthma, etc.
  5. Organ Diseases: sinusitis, frontal sinusitis, laryngitis, adenoid germs, tonsillitis, etc.
  6. Diseases of the digestive system: functional disorders of the esophagus, stomach, intestine, gallbladder, gastritis, duodenitis, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer, chronic colitis, pancreatitis, cholecystitis, etc. Urogenital system: cystitis, prostatitis etc .;


  1. Individual intolerance to electrical current
  2. Presence of a pacemaker
  3. Pregnancy
  4. Acute disturbance of cerebral and coronary circulation
  5. Situation of acute mental stimulation

Seminars - Training

There is a wealth of educational material available on the use and capabilities of the Biomedis Scanner. The material includes the records of Biomedis associate doctors-collaborators seminars.

Specifically available:

  • Training Scanner by physician and rehabilitation specialist - bioresonance professor, head of the diagnostic department Dr. Victoria Scoblikova.
  • Material from the physician's and member of Biomedis Diagnostic Team's seminar, Oxana Kalina.

To get the training material, contact us!


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