Zenlight Technology (ZL) 

It is a trainer designed to develop human abilities in the field of intent and influence, to change the way of thinking that leads to the modification of events in our lives. 

Studies in neurobiology and quantum physics have shown that the human brain determines a person's entire life (beliefs, behavior patterns, reactions).

With repeated thoughtful rehearsal of any event, action, sensation, the neural connections of the brain are rebuilt according to our goals. We can make our thoughts so real that the changes in our bodies would be as if this had actually happened. Each of us is able to prepare the body and brain for real life changes.

If we focus on one idea, the brain ceases to distinguish the inner world of our thoughts from the external reality. Physical changes can occur as a result of our thoughts, our intentions, and our meditations.

If we create thoughts of future events every day, the changes begin. The old neural connections in the brain are destroyed and new ones are created as if our dream has come true.

By changing our brains, we are changing the circumstances.

With Zenlight you train the power of your thinking by changing the neural connections of your brain. With constant use you will feel that your mind is able to interact more and more with matter. You will discover unknown internal mechanisms and the influence of subconscious mental activity on daily life. 

This technology will allow you to understand the interaction with your living conditions and to influence them. Changes in your consciousness will manifest in your life.

Zenlight is a mental simulator and is a random events flow analyzer. 

With the simultaneous use of Zenlight and Bioland technologies, there is an increase in human potential in the field of work mood, and intellectual influence in current internal metabolic and psycho-emotional processes, as well as in external, life events.

ZENWAVE helps:

  • In getting rid of your self-imposed limitations.
  • In changing your health state.
  • In learning to concentrate or relax your brain, along with the ability to manage the various states of the brain, changing your lives.
  • In unleashing the mental power of your subconscious, achieving health and wellness.
  • In improving your metabolism.
  • In halting the development of certain kinds of tumors.
  • In reducing your body weight.
  • In enhancing sleep with dreams.
  • In accelerating the free radical binding process (anti-aging, antioxidant).
  • In reducing the tryglicerides levels.
  • In increasing immunity system activity (cellural and metabolic).