M.F.S. Technology

M.F.S. means (Multi Frequency Synchronization).


M.F.S. technology was brought to Biomedis in 2014, following a series of clinical trials on how patients work and how they work. Biomedis advanced this technology up to 2017, where we reached the currently used version of this technology.

Characteristics of M.F.S.

  • M.F.S. (Multi Frequency Synchronization) operates on the basis of the Frequency Bundle.
  • Frequency Band is the set of frequencies that we set up in the device programming. The Band varies depending on the device.
  • With multiple frequencies, treatment is faster and more efficient.
  • The frequencies all play at the same time, while on the old devices each frequency played alone, with each session lasting for a long time.

Example for the antistress program which is consisted of 8 frequences with a time of 5 minutes per frequency.

    • On the old devices, each frequency was played individually. Because of this the program needed 40 minutes. (8 frequencies x 5 minutes).
    • On devices with MFS technology, the time required accumulates at 5 minutes at band frequency 8 (all frequencies play simultaneously).