Bioland Technology (BL) 

It is a copy of Earth's natural electromagnetic background. It helps to eliminate the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation on right and left hemisphere synchronization, harmonizing the hormone production and restoring the biological rhythms of the human body.

The BL mimics the Earth's main natural electromagnetic field. Earth's basic rhythm serves as a reference signal to the brain. It affects the pineal gland and regulates the functions and metabolism of the body.

Electromagnetic radiation interferes with the brain and the electromagnetic cloud prevents our brain from recording the basic rhythm of the earth.

This causes dysfunctions throughout the body.

With BL technology we insure:

  • Protection against the harmful effects of artificial electromagnetic radiation.
  • Synchronizing the functioning of the right and left hemisphere.
  • Increasing hormone production.
  • Restoring the biological rythms of the body.
  • Helping with anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue and dependence on weather phenomena.
  • Affecting a person's neural activities and mental abilities.
  • Stimulating the production of the melatonin hormone, which strengthens the immune system, provides anti-tumor protection, reduces body weight, eliminates stress and slows down the aging process.

With Bioland we synchronize with the Earth's natural background. This ensures the most productive activity of the human brain, which corresponds to a meditative state.

Enhancing these rhythms leads to positive emotions, relaxation and a feeling of comfort.

The pulses of the Earth enhance abstract thinking, helpingone to enter a state of inspiration and expanding consciousness.

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