Biomedis M (Μεταχειρισμένη)

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The Biomedis M series comes back with its latest deal, a new model of the BiomedisM series. Biomedis, the company that envisions the future, never stops researching and developing its products. Research is constantly being conducted, where new technologies come to the surface and make the need for change necessary.

Biomedis has a new proposal for the Biomedis M series, the new "Biomedis M", which is the successor of the older device.

The new device has a number of enhanced features and capabilities. The revolutionary new device has both improvements and innovations.

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The device provides multi-frequency capability which will increase the effectiveness of Bioresonance therapy. The possibility of targeted coordination essentially mimics Nature, which works in the same way. NMR (Natural Earth Magnetic Field) to which the device emits, making it even better accepted by our body. In addition, the device heals, apart from the body, and the spirit.

It enhances the function of organs and systems, supports immunity, helps in the purification and elimination of toxins and fights anxiety and chronic fatigue.
BIOMEDIS M software has more than 1,000 programs for health and longevity.

The additional Insight device carries the harmonic vibrations of the mounds, prayers, music therapy, attitudes, intentions, claims directly to one's energy information field.


The device Biomedis M NEW is designed for a Bioresoance treatment, exposing the body to electromagnetic oscillations, restoring the mechanisms that have been disturbed by diseases. We recalibrate the body so that it can be self-sufficient again. Besides, we have made it clear from this page that the human organism has enormous possibilities for self - healing as long as we maintain it in the best possible condition.

Treatment with the device is done in two essential ways. With electromagnetic fields configured at special frequencies with extremely high accuracy but also with electrical signals that are fed through the external connector to our body. The frequencies used during treatment are Voll, Schmidt Rife frequencies.

The purpose of Biomedis M, as well as all Bioresonance devices, is to correct the body's functions by bringing it back to its best. So the device has the ability to synchronize our body again. It suppresses the pathological causes of diseases by bringing health back to the body.

The device is another great proposition and is expected to innovate even in the area of bioresonance.

Additional information

Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 4.2 × 1 × 7.8 cm

2 years

Antenna power control capability



1 (Physiotherapy and Antiparasitics)



Menu in English


Lithium battery



8gb + slot for extra memory (micro SD)

Device Programming

Biomedis M Air on the PC

Package Contents

Instructions Manual, Cloth Pouch, Charger

Preinstalled Complexes


Device Properties

In summary, the device contains the following:

  1. New 1,77-inch color graphics display
  2. Built-in Li-Pol battery 300 mAh capacity
  3. Autonomy for up to 15 hours
  4. 8 GB built-in memory
  5. New, easy-to-navigate navigation menu, 5 buttons for even easier use
  6. Micro SD slot for up to 16 GB expansion
  7. Capable of storing programs up to 360 hours
  8. Ability to connect with Biomedis bracelets
  9. Mini USB connection to PC - Charge and communication with your computer with frequency range from 0,01HZ to 20,000 HZ
  10. Compatible with all Windows operating systems
  11. Ability to play complex programs, but also one of the programs of the combination alone, selectively
  12. Possibilities for switching programs and their intensity at any time, thus achieving even better and targeted treatment from a list of 3000 programs
  13. Text capability on the screen that describes any program


Software for PC «Biomedis M Air» v.4.14.4.

Download the software from the following links.

Windows 32 bit:

Download Software for PC «Biomedis M Air» v.4.14.4 with inbuilt JRE 32 bit (exe-file, 100 MB).

Windows 64 bit:

Download Software for PC «Biomedis M Air» v.4.14.4 with inbuilt JRE 64 bit (exe-file, 100 MB).


Download Software for PC «Biomedis M Air» v.4.12.0 for OS X (PKG-file, 120 MB).


Download Software for PC «Biomedis M Air» v.4.12.0 for Linux (ZIP-archive, 160 MB).




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