Training Seminar

A three-day bioresonance training course will take place on 14-16 December 2018, in Paralio Astros, Arkadia. 

Seminar Topics:

Subject: Basic BRT training - Prevention and treatment


  • Benefits of using bioresonance treatment 
  • Improving health and quality of life through the use of bioresonance technologies
  • Methods and techniques for evaluating and analyzing bioenergy measurement data with the Biomedis Scanner - Bris
  • Parasites and pathogenic microorganisms in the human body - 
  • Control, restriction and treatment using bioresonance treatment
  • Proper use of BRT (Bioresonance Therapy) and Harmonization
  • Techniques for programming and building complexes for the Biomedis Trinity therapeutic device based on the results from Biomedis Scanner:

- Treatment and prevention programs for the body
- Programs for improving the energy output of the body
- Programs to improve the psychosomatic condition
- Analysis and proper use of the premade complexes

  • Techniques of successful bioresonance activity - Patient management, information and presentation of Biomedis devices

Keynote speaker: Dr. Victoria Skoblikova,

Doctor of Bioresonance Diagnosis and Professor of Bioresonance and Diagnostic Therapy Specialist in infectious diseases and diseases of the digestive system,

Head of the Diagnosis department of the Rehabilitation Center "Health Palace" in Mosque (

Ability to obtain a Certificate from European University.

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