Why choose Biomedis?

10 Reasons to work with BIOMEDIS

1. Original idea and product

Bio-coordination is a physiotherapeutic method, which is now taking its first steps in several countries, such as Greece, and as such it gathers the interest of the public opinion. This gives a powerful comparative advantage to Biomedis' partner, seeking sales and network development.

2. Lack of competition

Unlike other companies whose products now seem to be common and obsolete, the bioresonance space is still unsaturated. By promoting Biomedis devices, you promote products that are not available in the market. So the chances of completing a sale or successful approach to a potential partner are highly increased.

3. The method is officially recognized

The bioresonance method is officially recognized in several countries abroad, notably the former Soviet Union, and in China where it is taught at universities, it is applied to state hospitals and its implementation is covered by insurance funds. Indicatively, in the Russian Federation, with decision 74/2000 of the Department of Holistic Medicine and Homeopathy of the Ministry of Health, the guidelines for the application of bioresonance treatment (BRT) to humans are defined and the indications and contraindications for this treatment are defined.

4. Devices of proven effectiveness

Biomedis bioresonance and devices really achieve results! It is no coincidence that the vast majority of physicians and therapists who practice bioresonance trust Biomedis. Thousands of people around the world, patients and partners, have seen their health improved by using the company's devices.

5. Devices with unique features

Biomedis devices have unique features that make them stand out from other companies' devices. For example, the Biomedis (Google Android operating system) is a unique innovation, as it is the only one that combines the properties of a bioresonance device with a mini tablet (Android operating system, application count, internet connection, etc.). Additionally, it is a 3 in 1 device, ie physiotherapeutic, antiparasitic and a programmer at the same time. So the consumer does not have to buy three devices instead of one in order to follow a complete physiotherapy program. Finally, the 3,000 preinstalled programs of the device and its modern software, which is regularly updated free of charge, over the Internet, enable the use of any kind of physiotherapy.

6. Constantly renewed product range

Biomedis continuously develops and continuously renews its range of products. The partner always has something new to offer.

7. After sales service

The company maintains a tech support department for the devices in Athens and provides a guarantee of good operation for its devices. It can therefore support the final consumer without the company's partner being exposed in the event of device failure.

8. Support from partners and the company

Biomedis has an ever growing network of partners who can guide the new partner at every step, wherever he is, through skype and social media. In addition, the company has a website in three languages, Russian, English and Greek, constantly renewed. At the same time, regular seminars are organized in major cities to inform and train collaborators, show devices and disseminate bioresonance.

9. Biomedis - brand name with impact on the field

Biomedis is the most well-known and reliable bioresonance device manufacturer in the Russian Federation. The brand name of Biomedis alone has a market weight and is a guarantee of success. The company has gradually built this reputation as a manufacturer and not as a "ghost" company, with a limited duration. Biomedis is not a falling star, but a company that is here to stay. This gives security to the partner, who can invest in the development of his team without hesitation and doubts that the structure he creates may not have stable foundations.

10. Modern - Profitable - Simple Marketing Plan

Registration in the company and participation in the affiliate program without additional financial contribution. It is sufficient to register the partner's information on the company's website and to purchase products for any amount. Partner discount up to 56%, depending on career level. Ability to develop via a "quick start" for Leaders on one hand, and on the other hand points based on aggregated team points for beginners. Unlimited downlines to increase income based on the percentage difference with first-line partners. Personal partner sales and network development are just as advantageous. A simple - neoclassical marketing plan, easy to understand, show, explain and develop a group .

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